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Duty of Candour

What is the Duty of Candour? 

Basically, it means being honest when something goes wrong - we have supported the introduction of a statutory duty of candour for organisations that provide healthcare. We believe there are immense benefits to be had for the care and treatment of people in the health and care system if it is open, transparent and honest. Professionals also have a duty of candour under the codes set by their professional regulator. Download our latest report evaluating the progess professional regulators have made in embedding the professionals' duty to be candid to patients.

Telling patients the truth when something goes wrong

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See a visual summary in this infographic - summarising  some of the key findings from our report: Telling patients the truth when something goes wrong or read the blog by the Authority's Policy Adviser, Michael Warren, on the Sociology Lens website.

What stops people speaking up?

Read our report on factors that can encourage and discourage people from speaking up when they have concerns about where they work

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