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Strategic Objectives 2014-2017

Our strategic objectives were agreed by our Board in September 2014.

We will work to:

  • Reconfigure our processes for the oversight of the statutory regulators to ensure that they are risk based, targeted, right-touch and continue to focus on outcomes for public protection
  • Ensure we have the research and policies in place to maintain our thought leadership now and in the next phase of regulatory reform
  • Deepen our understanding of good regulation through international knowledge exchange, bringing benefits to the UK
  • Establish the value that accredited registers add to consumer protection and the public interest and make the model sustainable
  • Deliver effective financial management to inspire confidence internally and externally in our new funding arrangements
  • To deliver these strategic objectives, the Authority will work to maintain and develop a high performing staff team and Board properly recognised, valued and resourced.

Working towards achieving our strategic objectives

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