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Strategic objectives 2020/21

The Authority’s corporate strategic objectives were agreed by the Board at its strategic planning meeting in May 2019 and are set out below:

Strategic aim 1

To protect the public by delivering highly effective oversight of regulation and registration:

  • To deliver our statutory duties, targeting our resources where there is greatest risk to the public.
  • To be transparent in our decision-making and reporting, recognising those who are committed to achieving high standards and being rigorous, clear and fair when reporting non-compliance with our standards.
  • To support high standards in health and social care regulation and registration through the effective use of information, data and intelligence.
  • To lead the development of more effective regulation through research, commissioned work, policy advice and the use of our right-touch assurance model; and by shaping regulatory reform.

Strategic aim 2

To maintain strong relationships with statutory regulators, organisations with accredited registers and other stakeholders to improve the impact of our work:

  • To work collaboratively with all regulators in health and social care to improve the effectiveness of regulation.
  • To be a leading voice in regulation, enhancing effectiveness through sharing research and learning.
  • To work with statutory regulators and organisations with accredited registers to facilitate the sharing of good practice and to support them in raising standards in professional practice.
  • To take account of the views of all stakeholders in developing our regulatory approach.
  • Engage with system regulators in health and social care to seek synergies with professional regulation, and with others to share good practice in regulation and right-touch assurance.

Strategic aim 3

To have a skilled, diverse and motivated team who are proud to work at the Authority and are committed to achieving our objectives:

  • To further improve the Authority’s working environment and culture, and uphold the values of the organisation.
  • To lead, motivate and support colleagues to deliver excellent work.
  • To attract and retain the right people with the right skills.
  • To improve expertise and support delivery through high quality learning and development.

Strategic aim 4

To seek continuous improvement in the way we run the Authority and our value for money for registrants, patients and the public:

  • To maintain and review regularly the governance arrangements which give appropriate oversight to matters within the Authority’s legislative remit.
  • To develop and maintain high quality leadership and management practises.
  • To maintain and improve cost-effectiveness and quality by systematically reviewing systems, processes and procedures, and by working with others.
  • To ensure the continued financial viability of the Authority.

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Working towards achieving our strategic objectives

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