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Frequently used terms in health/care regulation

A glossary of terms we use as part of our work reviewing regulators, accrediting registers and carrying out research and policy work to help improve regulation

The nature of our work means that we often use acronyms and abbreviations. We also use technical language and terminology related to legislation or regulatory processes. We have compiled this glossary below, spelling out abbreviations, but also adding some explanations. (PR – is for a term that we may use frequently when we carry out our performance reviews), (FtP – refers to language used, often legal terminology as part of the fitness to practise process, and AR refers to terms we use mainly as part of the Accredited Registers' programme). If you think there is anything missing, please get in touch and let us know. 

We also have a section of frequently asked questions about our work or find out more about the three main areas of our work here.

Click on the letter of the alphabet below to get a full list of terms, acronyms and abbreviations.

Glossary/frequently used terms in health/care regulation

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Glossary/frequently used terms in health/care regulation

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