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Cases appealed 

When we refer a case to Court we set out the grounds for our appeal and wait for the case to be listed for a hearing. Sometimes, after we have referred a case to Court, we have been able to find ways to protect the public without the need for a Court hearing, in line with our Alternative Disputes Resolution policy.

For example, sometimes we are able to agree with the regulator and the individual professional concerned what the outcome should be and get the Court’s approval of that agreement (in a document called a 'Consent Order') without the need for a Court hearing.

If a case proceeds to a Court hearing, we attend Court with our lawyers and present our case. The judge can:

  • Dismiss our appeal
  • Allow our appeal and quash the relevant decision
  • Substitute another decision in place of the original decision, or
  • Send the case back to the regulator’s fitness to practise committee for reconsideration.

Use this section to find cases we have appealed, copies of judgments and Consent Orders and a list of forthcoming hearings.

Appealing fitness to practise decisions in practice

See how appealing final fitness to practise cases contributes to public protection in our two case studies: one about a nurse who repeatedly mistreated a vulnerable patient in her care and a dental nurse who turned a blind eye to unhygienic practices and put patients at risk