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Consultation on our approach to reviewing the regulators

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This consultation has now closed.

Why are we consulting on how we carry out our performance reviews?

We reviewed our performance review process in 2014/15. We implemented our current process in 2016 as a result of feedback we received from stakeholders as part of that review. We have been using our current approach for five years and want to check that it is still fit for purpose. We have identified several areas where we think there is room for improvement. We want to make sure that our approach to reviewing the regulators continues to be proportionate and effective.

How you can help shape our future review process

This consultation focuses on five key areas where we want feedback to inform how we develop our approach to performance reviews:

  • Scope of reviews: should all of the Standards of Good Regulation be assessed annually for all the regulators?
  • Assessing risk: how can we best identify risks to public protection and public confidence through the performance review process?
  • Decision-making: should we retain the current binary system - where regulators meet or do not meet a Standard - or adopt a different approach?
  • Supporting improvement: how can we ensure that our performance reviews add the greatest value and enhance the work of the regulators in protecting the public?
  • Thematic reviews: do you think thematic reviews would assist us in our scrutiny of the regulators and enhance our public protection role?

Although these five areas are the focus of this consultation, there are other elements of our approach that we have committed to reviewing, and we will come back to these at a later stage of this work.

How to respond

You can read the full consultation document here in English or Welsh. We have also made available a summary of the questions in Word with space for answers. These are also available in English and Welsh.

The deadline for responding is 4 March 2021. Please submit your response to

What is the performance review process?

The performance review is our check on how well the regulators have been protecting the public and promoting confidence in health and care professionals and themselves. We do this by assessing their performance against our Standards of Good Regulation. We publish a report about each regulator every year. Our performance review is important because:

  • it tells everyone how well the regulators are doing
  • it helps the regulators improve, as we identify strengths and things to improve and recommend changes.

Find out more about how we do this in this short explainer.


The consultation

You can download the consultation pdf here:

The deadline for responding is 4 March 2021. There is also a summary available of the questions in Word where you can input your answers directly. This is available in English and Welsh.

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