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Consultation on reviewing the Standards of Good Regulation

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This consultation is now closed.

We will update this page with further information when we have analysed the responses. The second consultation on reviewing the standards focused on the detailed proposals about how to take the review forward, including  a set of revised Standards as well as the evidence framework. This sets out the information the regulators need to provide to demonstrate how they are meeting the Standards.

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What are the Standards of Good Regulation

The Standards of Good Regulation help us in our work reviewing the nine health and social care regulators to check how well they are protecting the public and maintaining confidence in the professions they register. There are 24 Standards covering the regulators' four core functions:

Standards picture

  1. Guidance and Standards (4)
  2. Education and Training (4)
  3. Registration (6)
  4. Fitness to Practise (10)

What are they used for?

Nine regulatorsWe review the work of the nine health and care regulators. They ‘register’ health and care professionals working in occupations that Parliament has said must be regulated. We review each regulator on a 12-month rolling basis and we use the Standards of Good Regulation as a benchmark to assess their performance. We use the Standards to help the regulators improve their performance. Find out more about our performance review process in this infographic.

Why do the Standards need to be reviewed?

We have been using the current Standards for almost 10 years. We want to check that the Standards are still fit for their purpose and, if not, update them to make sure that they are.  


How are the regulators meeting the Standards?

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You can find out more about how the regulators have been meeting our Standards in our most recent annual review of regulation and registration. Or you can read individual performance reviews for each the regulators - the latest ones are available in our performance review section.

Responses received to the first consultation

Read the summary of responses we received to the first consultation on reviewing our Standards of Good Regulation.

Watch our short explainer

This short video explains more about our proposals

Education and training clip

The Standards in action

Read through one of our performance review reports or a summary in our snapshots to see how we use the Standards of Good Regulation to help us ensure that the the regulators are protecting the public. The Standards set the outcomes of good regulation and how good regulation should protect the public.

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