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Our consultations

We consult the public about some of our work. For example, when we develop standards or make changes to our performance reviews we publish consultations on our website and take people's views into account.

We have now launched our second consultation on reviewing the Standards of Good Regulation. This time we are seeking feedback on the detailed proposals, including the new Standards and the evidence we will ask the regulators to provide.The deadline for responding is 10 September 2018. You can read the documents below or find out more here.


Other consultations

We respond to consultations by other organisations such as regulators we oversee, other health and care organisation and governments. Read our responses to regulators and others 

2015 consultation on revising the performance review process

One of the ways we ensure that we continue to protect the public is by reviewing the performance of the nine health and care regulators every year. In 2015 we consulted on how we conduct these reviews which resulted in a new process. You can read a summary of the responses as well as the revised dataset. In January 2016 we began our first cycle of reviews to be undertaken since this consultation. These are now complete and we have published the schedule for our 2016/17 performance review process.