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Story behind our key stats

We have produced a short report showing how our work contributes to protecting the public, drawing upon the statistics we use in our annual reports, for updates to our Board, and on our website. However, we did not just want to use these statistics – we wanted to take a closer look at the stories that sit behind them – tell their story and our part in it.

Our most recent performance review published is for the General Pharmaceutical Council. Find out how many of our Standards  they have met - you can read the full report or see a summary in our snapshot.

Clued up on cosmetic procedures? We have been supporting the government's campaign to raise awareness. Find out more about how to choose a practitioner for a cosmetic procedure or use our Check-a-Practitioner tool to check.


Performance reviews are carried out throughout the year and the reports are published as and when each report is finalised. Read our schedule for when we expect to carry out the reviews. You can also find out the dates for sharing feedback with us about the regulators. The next deadline is for The General Pharmaceutical Council's review - share your feedback with us by 26 February 2020.

Our most recent performance review published is for the General Pharmaceutical Council. Find out how many of our Standards  they have met - you can read the full report or see a summary in our snapshot.

On 2 December Social Work England  took on the regulation of social workers in England and on the same day,  became the tenth professional regulator under our oversight. Find out more in our statement.

The new Standards of Good Regulation

Following the two consultations we ran, our Board agreed the revised Standards in November 2018. We  piloted them during 2019. From January 2020, we will be using the new Standards for our 2019/20 performance review cycle.

Accredited Registers

The Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) has indicated its intent to renew accreditation. Please share your experience of the ACC by 5 March 2020.

The Register of Clinical Technologists (the RCT) has submitted a Notification of Change proposing to add Sonographers to its register. Please share your experience of the RCT by 2 March 2020.

 Our joint report with the Royal Society for Public Health – Untapped Resources: Accredited Registers in the Wider Workforce – looks at how nearly 80,000 health professionals on accredited registers can make a significant contribution to promoting and protecting the public's health.

We are running a social media campaign to raise awareness about checking that practitioners who provide complementary therapies are on accredited registers. Take a look at our 8 things to check before having complementary therapy.

Policy and research

Hot topics 

We are currently focusing our research on:

Our most recent report published is on research carried out by Professor Ros Searle using our fitness to practise database to look at the moral mindsets of  the perpetrators of sexual misconduct in health and care. You can read the full report or a visual summary of the key findings in this infographic.

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