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Benefits for patients and service users



When you are using health and care services you want to be sure that the people caring for you are competent and trustworthy. If you choose someone from an Accredited Register you can be confident that they have been checked and are appropriately trained.

If you and your GP or other health professional decide that a particular service might help you, such as acupuncture, or counselling, or foot health they can feel confident suggesting you see someone on an Accredited Register, knowing that the Accredited Register will have checked their competence and will hold them to account.

If you or your child’s school feel that a child would benefit from some therapy to help them resolve some problems, you can feel confident choosing a play therapist, or a child psychotherapist from an Accredited Register knowing they have received special training to work with children and are properly supervised.

If you, or your health professional are worried about anyone on an Accredited Register, you can tell the Accredited Register or us and we will look into it.

Did you know?

Accredited register practitioners tend to have average appointment lengths of 40 minutes or more. Find out more in our joint report produced with the Royal Society of Public HealthUntapped resources - time spent with patients and clients

Do you know who is treating you?

Use our check a practitioner tool to make sure that they are either regulated or registered