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Apply for accreditation



Become part of a government-backed initiative to protect the public by applying for our Accredited Registers quality mark and show your commitment to the health, wellbeing and safety of the public.

There are three main boxes we need to tick during the application process:

  • Does your register meet Standard 1? This standard must be met before a full assessment can proceed. If you're unsure, you can ask us for a preliminary assessment against this Standard for a separate fee of £1,300
  • If Standard 1 is met, we then assess if your register meets Standards 2-8
  • We carry out an impact assessment.

Seven steps to accreditation 

Step One: Check our guidance

Read our guidance on applying for accreditation and the Standards for accredited registers, including our minimum requirements as set out in the Evidence Framework.

Step Two: Talk to our team

Our accreditation team will be happy to provide you with further information and answer any initial questions. They can help you decide whether to apply for a preliminary assessment against Standard One first or submit a full application. Whichever route you choose, they will support you through the process. You can contact the team by phone (020 7389 8037) or email ( Details for individual members of the team can be found at Contact our staff

Step Three: Complete an application form

Download an application form for Standard One, and additionally for Standards Two to Eight if you are submitting a full application. Fees will need to be received in full at this stage.

Before you submit your application, please be aware of our Freedom of Information statement.

Notification of applying for both Standard One and full applications will be published on our See who is applying webpage.

Step Four: Consulting the public

We will ask stakeholders to share their views on a register through our Share Your Experience process. This is an important part of how we assess the impact of accrediting a register. We use this information to inform our assessment against all our Standards throughout the process.

Step Five: Assessment

If you have submitted a preliminary application for Standard One, the accreditation team will decide whether the Standard is met on the basis of the evidence seen. In complex cases, we will ask one of our Panels to decide. If successful you will be invited to submit a further application for us to assess you against Standards 2-8.   

Once you have submitted a full application (Standards 1-8) we will assess it. This includes:

  • a full review of your documentation
  • interviews with your Chief Executive, Chair, Registrar and other relevant staff
  • observation of a meeting of the governing board/committee
  • observation of a professional conduct hearing
  • site visit

Step Six: Decision

Once there is sufficient evidence for a decision to be made, we will convene an Accreditation Panel to consider your application.

Panels may award accreditation for a specified time (usually one or three years), impose Conditions, make Recommendations, refuse or suspend accreditation. They may also defer accreditation to allow further information to be gathered. If a register disagrees with a decision it may appeal.

Step Seven: Announcing Accreditation 

If you are successful in applying for accreditation, we will confirm our decision in writing. Shortly after this, we will publish a news statement on our website announcing our decision to accredit your register. We encourage you to do the same. 

Some organisations feel they would benefit from a discussion with us on how to raise awareness of their new status as an Accredited Register with stakeholders. We are happy to arrange a meeting. 


"…a major step forward in the quest to deliver a new system of voluntary regulation within the rapidly developing and complex area of aesthetic treatments"

Chair, JCCP


Useful resources

You can find all our guidance and information about the process for applying or renewing accreditation on our Resources page