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Help me choose

When you choose a health or care practitioner here are some things to you might wish to consider.

Do I know what care, treatment or therapy I want?

If you are not sure you may wish to discuss your needs with your GP or other health or care professional. Or you can contact one of the Accredited Registers on our list and they will discuss this with you. Many health and care practitioners can work with a range of problems.

Do I know what level of education or training the practitioner has?

Health and care practitioners on Accredited Registers hold a range of different qualifications. You can find information on the Accredited Registers' websites and ask the practitioner for more information.

All of the Accredited Registers meet our education standard.

Remember that the Authority does not accredit the treatments so you should make sure you understand what they are and how well they work.

Some questions you may want to ask:

  1. What can I expect when I come and see you?
  2. Have you helped people like me before?
  3. What do I do if I am not happy?
  4. Is there evidence that this will work?
  5. Can you explain to me what sort of evidence there is about this treatment?
  6. How confidential is what I tell you?