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UK Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners

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The UK Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners is a professional organisation, which sets registration and accreditation standards of practice for Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors with a training in Humanistic Psychology, a holistic approach to therapy, which holds centrally an individual's capacity to draw upon inner resources to give meaning and direction to traumatic and disabling life experiences.

In September 2023 we completed our full renewal assessment of the UKAHPP's register. 

You can read the renewal decision as well as our Impact Assessment.

When we renewed the UKAHPP's accreditation, we issued the following Conditions with deadlines for implementation. We will update the status of the Conditions in due course.

Conditions Deadline
Standard 11. The UKAHPP’s obsolete website must be taken offline within three months of publication of this decision. Until that website is removed, the UKAHPP must publish a clear statement on its current website (within one month) informing the public that the old one is out of date and should be disregarded.Three months / One month
 2. The UKAHPP must provide guidance for its registrants on how to identify and take appropriate action when any safeguarding concern is raised.Six months
 3. The UKAHPP must make clear within its Code of Practice that registrants must not offer or provide Conversion Therapies.Three months
 4. The UKAHPP must make clear that screening clients based on protected characteristics is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action should it become aware of registrants doing so.Three months
 5. The UKAHPP must publish a clear description of what humanistic psychotherapy is, with reference to a relevant evidence base. This must include setting out its benefits, and limitations.Six months
Standard 26. People accessing the UKAHPP’s register should be clear about the qualification held by registrants. The UKAHPP must publish or direct those accessing the register to the qualifications required for its categories of registration.Six months
 7. The UKAHPP must improve the accessibility of its public register by providing information about all headings and terms that can be accessed from the register and its supporting webpage. Six months
 8. The UKAHPP must clearly set out its requirements and standards for the registration of psychotherapeutic counsellors working with children and young people.Six months
 9. The UKAHPP must introduce a proportionate system of checks to assure that registrants’ website and advertising meets its standards.Six months
Standard 510. The UKAHPP must improve presentation of its complaints procedures to assure these are accessible and clear to all parties. Six months
 11. The UKAHPP must change its complaints process to make clear that it assumes responsibility for investigating and prosecuting complaints, with the complainant as witness rather than prosecutor in cases that reach the threshold for formal hearings.Six months
Standard 612. The UKAHPP must implement tools and processes to assist its identification and mitigation of new risks that could affect its ability to operate the register.Six months
Standard 713. The UKAHPP must implement tools and processes to assist its identification and mitigation of new risks to the public occurring within registrants’ practice.Six months

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