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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society

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The National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society is a not for profit professional organisation whose purpose is to ensure that all of our registrants are safe, competent and ethical practitioners.

In July 2023 we extended Accreditation to the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS)' Relationship Therapist (RT) register and Psychosexual and Relationship Therapists (PT) sub-register. We issued the following Condition:

  1. The NCPS must provide clear statements on its website(s) that the RT and PT practices performed by its registrants are strictly talk-based therapies that do not involve physical touch, are not intended for work with children and young people, and do not entail any medical procedures or examinations. Statements must be prominently displayed on its website(s) within one month of the launch of the RT and PT registers.

Prior to publication of this report, the NCPS published the following within the descriptions of Relationship and Psychosexual Therapies on the NCS | What are the different types of therapy? ( webpage:

‘NCPS registrants, when working with the specific modality of Psychosexual and Relationship Therapies only will do so with adult clients. Psychosexual and Relationship Therapies are strictly talk-based therapies that do not involve physical touch and do not entail any medical procedures or examinations.’

We found that the statement provided by the NCPS communicated the necessary information and was displayed in a suitable location on their register website. 

We found that the Condition had been met. When the NCPS launches its new website we will check that presentation of information about the RT and PT registers conforms to the requirements of the Condition.

Our report of the assessment is below:

(In May 2023 - the National Counselling Society became the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society (NCPS). The reports below date from before this change.)

We completed our annual review of the National Counselling Society/Hypnotherapy Society (NCS/HS) in August 2021. The Accreditation Panel issued three Conditions concerning the Hypnotherapy Society, which the NCS/HS appealed against. On 15 October 2021, an Appeals Panel met and upheld the first two Conditions, and issued the third as a Recommendation.

The NCS/HS provided evidence of how it had met the Conditions, and we found these had been met.

You can find the reports of the annual review, appeal, and Conditions below:


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