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Our work with accredited registers

About Accredited Registers

Not everyone working in health and social care is regulated by law which is why it is important to choose practitioners from registers we have accredited. To be accredited and display our Quality Mark (our logo), registers must meet our Standards for Accredited Registers

By using practitioners who are on an Accredited Register, you can have confidence when choosing services from someone who is not regulated by law.

You can read more about how we will deliver the Accredited Registers programme, and how our priorities for the year link to the work of the wider organisation, in our 2022/23 business plan. If you would like to access this in a different format or would like a copy in Welsh, please get in touch by emailing 

For Accredited Registers 

Being accredited demonstrates commitment to high standards and public protection, which increases public confidence.

Are you considering applying for accreditationOr is your register already accredited by us? Find out more about being accredited and what it means, including guidance and information on our processes.

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For service users and the public

If you're accessing healthcare services, it's good to be fully informed about who is treating you. Not all healthcare practitioners are regulated by law which means it's not always easy to find out more about them. 

When you choose a practitioner on an Accredited Register, you can access more information about them on their register. 

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Apply for Accreditation


Prove your organisation's commitment to public protection and high professional standards by getting the Accredited Register quality mark.

Check a Practitioner


Find out more about choosing a practitioner using our Check-A-Practitioner tool

Find an accredited register


Looking for a health or care practitioner, but don’t know where to start? Use Find a Register to search.