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Accredited Registers - Our Standards

19 Nov 2014 | Professional Standards Authority
  • Our Standards

Standards for Accredited Registers


We set standards for organisations that register people who work in health and social care and award a quality mark.

The Accredited Registers quality mark shows that an organisation is committed to protecting the public and is working to good practice.

Organisations must meet ALL of our standards to be able to demonstrate that they uphold these principles and meet the quality mark requirements.

Our Standards are central to every health and social care organisation we accredit.

They are:

 1. Hold a voluntary register of health and care practitioners
 2. Be committed to protecting the public
 3. Understand, monitor and control risks
 4. Be financially sound
 5. Inspire public confidence
 6. Develop your knowledge
 7.Provide strong and effective governance
 8. Set good standards for practitioners on your register
 9. Ensure appropriate education and training for practitioners
 10. Run your register well
 11. Manage complaints fairly and effectively