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A new approach to stakeholder engagement for the Authority

Our new stakeholder engagement strategy has been published today. Effective engagement plays a vital part in helping us to achieve our objectives: to protect the public, promote good professional standards and maintain public confidence in regulation.  

Our strategy has been shaped by feedback from our stakeholders, including those who contributed to our recent perceptions audit. We are pleased that many value our role in protecting the public, raising the standards of the regulators and registers we oversee and our research and policy work. We have taken heed of the proposals that we should do more to encourage greater collaboration within the health and care sectors, push harder for regulatory reform and raise the profile of our work with the Accredited Registers.

Our new strategy outlines our intention to focus our efforts on engaging with stakeholders across the four countries on three priority areas:

  • Regulatory reform – ensuring that the Authority retains an influential voice in discussions on regulatory reform and is able to shape proposals to keep public protection at the heart of any changes made
  • Accredited Registers – continue to raise professional and public awareness of the programme and ensure its ongoing sustainability whilst strengthening the ability of the programme to protect the public by seeking changes to the relevant safeguarding legislation. Over the next six to 12 months the majority of engagement activity is likely to be focused around the strategic review of the Accredited Registers programme
  • Focus regulatory attention appropriately on protection of the most vulnerable, including within standards, guidance, education and training, and fitness to practise.

Please do get in touch with us to discuss key areas of common interest or to feedback to us on our work.

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