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  • Alan Clamp

    A new year provides a new opportunity to strive for regulatory reform

    In our first blog of the new year, the Authority's chief executive explains why setting intentions rather than resolutions is the smarter approach to achieving them and one of the Authority's intentions is to continue to strive for regulatory reform

  • Christine

    Radical reform of regulation must begin now

    Christine Braithwaite, our Director of Standards and Policy, explains why the regulatory system cannot afford to stand still and sets out the five key areas where we would like to see reform

  • Alan Clamp

    Alan Clamp - an introduction

    In this first blog Alan Clamp explains that, though he may be new to the Professional Standards Authority, he is certainly not new to the world of regulation

  • HarrysLeavingDo-154

    Right-touch reflections

    Harry Cayton steps down as the Authority's Chief Executive at the end of October. In this blog, he reflects on his 11 years at the Authority and also ponders what key qualities are vital to be successful in the regulatory field

  • the americas globe

    An international perspective: our review of Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia

    ​Our role to protect the public by improving professional regulation sometimes takes us beyond the UK. But how do we approach our international work and what benefits do we get from it? Senior Scrutiny Officer Michael Humphreys explains more in his blog

  • Professor Deborah Bowman

    On regulation and ‘being good’

    This guest blog from Professor Deborah Bowman, the academic lead for the Authority's 2019 Academic Conference, introduces the question ‘what is it to be a good regulator?’

  • Daisy Blench

    Fixing fitness to practise: a model for the future?

    In our third (and final) blog looking at fitness to practise – we go from the evolutionary approach to the revolutionary – if we could design the fitness to practise process from scratch: what would it look like?

  • Daisy Blench

    Fixing fitness to practise: what can we do now?

    The second in our series of blogs on fitness to practise focuses on what changes could be introduced without the need for substantial legislative change or radical regulatory reform.

  • Daisy Blench

    How regulators deal with poor registrant behaviour: the fitness to practise process explored

    We've all seen articles about doctors/nurses being 'struck off' and the fitness to practise process even made a recent appearance on prime-time ITV in its crime drama 'Unforgotten', but what exactly is fitness to practise and why is reforming it long overdue?

  • Mark

    Time for a change? Why we are consulting on reviewing the Standards of Good Regulation

    Mark Stobbs explains why the time is right to review the Standards of Good Regulation. Responses from our 2017 consultation have now fed into a new set of draft Standards that reflect our right-touch regulation principles and we want your feedback on them

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