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Insights into regulation Blog


  • Christine

    Five priorities to address health inequalities

    In this blog we outline five priorities we identified at our event in December to address healthcare inequalities - actions that could be taken by regulators, and could make a real difference towards addressing, and solving, the problem of healthcare inequality

  • An Image showing Anna Van der Gaag

    Safety nets and sledgehammers

    In this guest blog, Anna van der Gaag, reflects on our recent timetable exploring how to bring the best of safety culture initiatives and the best of regulatory processes together to do more for patient safety

  • Image showing Professor Louise Wallace

    Customer care, personalised care - it’s just not good enough. More compassion is needed in complaints-handling

    Professor Louise Wallace, one of the researchers behind the Witness to Harm study into the experiences of witnesses in the fitness to practise process, shares principles of a trauma informed approach which regulators could adopt in their fitness to practise processes.

  • AlanClamp280

    Zero Discrimination Day: Celebration and Action

    In this blog, PSA CEO Alan Clamp writes that Zero Discrimination Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our collective experience and also to reflect on all the benefits of diversity and to appreciate the value it adds to our lives, but is also a call to action.

  • Caroline Corby - Chair

    Looking back to help us look forward

    PSA Chair, Caroline Corby, shares her thoughts on the coming year - with 2023 being a busy year for us, it's looking like 2024 is shaping up to be just as busy

  • AlanClamp280

    Public protection at the heart of reform

    In this blog, PSA Chief Executive asks now that legislative reform underway, what are the next steps for professional healthcare regulation?

  • Moi

    Reflections from our roundtable in Scotland: barriers to complaining

    What are the barriers to complaining? In this blog, PSA Board member Moi Ali reflects on our recent roundtable in Scotland discussing this subject

  • regulation icon

    Refocusing regulation

    Reflections from PSA Chief Executive Alan Clamp as he travels to give the keynote speech at the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation Annual Education Conference

  • Carrying out a performance review

    Reflecting on our regulator reviews: the first year using our new approach

    In this blog, we reflect on the first full year of using our new approach to how we review the regulators.

  • Authority Board member Juliet Oliver

    Introducing Juliet Oliver

    At the beginning of January 2023, we welcomed our new Board Member - Juliet Oliver. In this blog Juliet explains more about her background and experience in professional health and social care regulation and her previous encounters with the Authority