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Reforming regulation, protecting the public

The UK Governments launched a consultation in March 2021 on how to reform professional healthcare regulation. We welcomed the consultation but are worried that some of the proposals have the potential to create a gap in public protection. The consultation has now closed - the deadline to respond was 16 June 2021. We submitted and published our full response on 11 June 2021  - you can read it here.

Regulating healthcare professionals, protecting the public consultation

We welcomed the Government's consultation but some of the proposals put forward as part of the consultation, give us cause for concern and we feel that these proposals could inadvertently have a negative impact on public protection. Find out more about these proposals, our concerns and the solutions we have put forward.

We want to work with the UK Governments, patients, and all interested groups through this consultation and beyond. Together, we can make these reforms work for professionals, for regulators, and most importantly for the public that regulation is there to protect.

Read our report setting out our concerns and what could be done to fix them and our short report on the three things we believe the Government must change as part of the reform consultation.

Authority first thoughts on government consultation cover

The right-touch approach

Right-touch regulation is the approach we take to regulatory reform.  You can find out  more about right-touch regulation here or watch the short animation opposite which explains more about right-touch regulation.

Watch our short explainer

This short animation gives a quick overview of the principles of right-touch regulation.