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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

Save Face

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Save Face operates a register for doctors, nurses and dentists who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments. They work in clinics that have been inspected and verified to meet Save Face's standards.

In June 2024 we completed our full renewal assessment of Save Face's register. 

You can read the renewal decision as well as our impact assessment.

When we renewed Save Face's accreditation, we issued the following Conditions with deadlines for implementation. We will update the status of the Conditions in due course.

 Conditions  Deadline
Standard 2
1.    Save Face is to ensure that its communications are not misleading by presenting a balanced view of consumer feedback, whether by allowing negative reviews on its register entries, or by communicating how these have been addressed by other means. 27 December 2024
Standard 4
2.    Save Face should publish its Essential Curriculum to demonstrate how it assures the aesthetic competencies of its registrants. 27 December 2024
Standard 5
3.    Save Face is to develop its processes to assure that parties to complaints are appropriately supported throughout the complaints process.
4.    Save Face is to develop mechanisms such as Indicative Sanctions guidance to assure that outcomes are consistent.
27 December 2024

27 December 2024
Standard 6
5.    Save Face must develop and publish its process for anyone to raise a concern or complaint about the Accredited Register.

6.    Save Face must develop a documented approach to risk management, for example development of an organisational risk register that is periodically updated and consider by its Directors/Board.
27 December 2024
27 December 2024











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