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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

Play Therapy UK

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Play Therapy UK exists to further the good practice of therapeutic work with children. This includes improving children's wellbeing as well as alleviating behaviour and mental health problems.

Accreditation for PTUK was renewed with Conditions of Accreditation following its September 2022 annual check..

Accreditation was renewed by a Panel following a targeted review to look at Standards 5 in greater depth. The Panel also considered how PTUK fulfilled Conditions issued at its previous assessment.

The following Conditions must be met within the stated timeframes:

  1. PTUK must conduct a review of its complaints processes and make recommendations to ensure that the process is fair, transparent, compliant with Human Rights legislation, consistent with good regulatory practice and places public protection at its heart. This review should be completed within three months of publication of the Authority’s decision.
  2. PTUK must provide the Authority with its plan of how it will implement any changes identified by the review, including the development of relevant materials and recruitment of suitable people to participate in any new processes, within one month of the completion of the review.
  3. Any changes identified in the plan for Condition Two should be implemented within nine months of the plan being accepted by the Authority.
  4. PTUK should establish effective and transparent governance arrangements for an organisation performing a public protection role. This should cover oversight and accountability arrangements to ensure that there is effective oversight of PTUK’s Board of Directors. There must be fair and transparent arrangements for appointments to PTUK’s Board, and any oversight body. PTUK’s response to the Authority must also demonstrate how management of the Register works in the public interest. Actions should be completed within four months of publication of this report, and where not possible within this timeframe there should be a clear plan for how they will be achieved.
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