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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

Human Givens Institute

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The Human Givens Institute is a global organisation concerned with unifying the most effective forms of counselling and psychotherapy into a truly biopsychosocial approach. It advances all aspects of Human Givens therapeutic practice, including standards, continued professional development and the ethical behaviour of members.

In November 2023 we completed our Standard One and full renewal assessments of the HGI's register. 

You can read our decision as well as our Impact Assessment.

When we renewed the HGI's accreditation, we issued the following Conditions with deadlines for implementation. We will update the status of the Conditions in due course.


Standard One1. The HGI must ensure that the scope and limitations of Human Givens treatment are clearly communicated to both registrants and the public, particularly regarding situations where a referral to another healthcare professional is appropriate.9 May 2024
 2. The HGI must set explicit requirements that its registrants must not offer or provide Conversion Therapies.9 February 2024
Standard Three3. The HGI’s Ethics and Conduct Policy should publish all codes relating to the competence and conduct of its registrants, and this should include reference to the Duty of Candour.9 February 2024
Standard Four4. The HGI must provide a plan for developing mechanisms to provide independent assurance of the qualifications it accepts for entry to the register. This must include timescales for implementation.9 February 2024
Standard Five5. The HGI must develop a policy for reporting relevant complaints outcomes to appropriate bodies, including the Accredited Registers.9 May 2024

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