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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

British Psychoanalytic Council

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The British Psychoanalytic Council is a professional association of the psychoanalytic psychotherapy profession, publishing a Register of practitioners who are required to follow its ethical code and meet its fitness to practise standards.

The following Conditions were issued at the BPC's most recent annual review of accreditation, to be implemented by the timeframes specified:

  1. The BPC should ensure that the homepage of its website provides information about its regulatory and complaints handling role, with appropriate links, directed at members of the public. This should be completed by the submission of the next annual review paperwork.
  2. The BPC should provide a report to the Authority on the number of cases taken through the Practice Review Proceedings (PRP) and hearing route since the procedure was implemented. The report should include information on the allegations and the outcomes. This is to be completed within three months.
  3. The BPC should:
  • Review its procedure and associated guidance documents and provide a report to the Authority within six months. The review should include the criteria for deciding the route the complaint should take, the purpose of the different routes, the sanctions available for both routes and how and whether these are published, the purpose of interim orders and the way in which cases are presented and should address the Panel’s concerns.
  • Provide the Authority within six months an implementation plan for any changes made as a result of the review
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