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Why choose a practitioner on an Accredited Register?

Not everyone working in health and social care is regulated by law. This means that no-one has to keep a record of their education and training or is there to check on their fitness to practise when something goes wrong.

That's why the Accredited Registers programme was set up. An Accredited Register will do these things - and more - and that's why it is important to choose practitioners from registers we have accredited. For a register to be accredited and display our Quality Mark (our approved logo), they must meet our Standards of good practice.

By choosing practitioners who are on an Accredited Register, you, your GP and other health professionals can have confidence when choosing services from someone whose occupation is not regulated by law. 

There are currently more than 100,000 practitioners on a range of registers who are able to display our Quality Mark:

Accredited Registers quality mark







How can I find a practitioner who is on an Accredited Register?

You can use our Check a Practitioner tool to find someone providing the service you need. The tool includes professionals who are regulated by law (by a statutory regulator) and those who have chosen to be on an Accredited Register.

You can find a list of Accredited Registers here. Each link will take you to a register's own website, where you can read more about their services and standards and search their register directly for a practitioner in your area.

Our accreditation reports provide information about our most recent assessments of each register and if they have met our Standards for Accredited Registers.  

Want to share your experience of an Accredited Register? 

We gather information about stakeholder experiences of current Accredited Registers, and those which are in the process of applying, through our Share Your Experience process. Although it is not our role to resolve complaints about a register or its registrants, we use this information during our assessments of registers to check if they meet our Standards.

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How are Accredited Registers different to statutory regulators?

To find out more about the difference between Accredited Registers and the work of the statutory regulators, read our blogs: Professional Healthcare Regulation in the UK explained (part 1) and (part 2).