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'This is the last annual report that I shall sign off. It looks back at the many achievements of the Authority but also forward to hoped-for reforms and a regulatory framework that is fit for the future.' Harry Cayton, the Authority's chief executive who steps down this autumn. Find out more about our annual report in this issue.

Welcome to our Summer 2018 edition of 'The Standard'. In addition to our annual report, we have been busy publishing the NMC Lessons Learned Review, as well as research reports, international commissions and policy advice for the Scottish Government. We also look at our inner workings in relation to appealing fitness to practise cases, with a case-study in our Regulatory news section, and our annual Accredited Registers conference.


What does our process of reviewing final fitness to practise decisions involve? We take a closer look with a case study. You can also find out more about our Lessons Learned Review of the NMC. In our latest annual report we highlight issues identified in regulators' approaches to their fitness to practise processes.

Why is sexual misconduct between health and care professionals sometimes treated less seriously by fitness to practise panels? Panels may consider that there is no direct impact on patient safety but we are not quite of the same mind. We commissioned research to find out what the public and professionals themselves think. We have also published our response to the Williams Review, as well as advice commissioned by the Scottish Government.

We have been attending conferences and events to raise awareness of the benefits of the Accredited Registers programme, but also hosted our own conference at the end of June - inspired by our joint report on Untapped Resources with the Royal Society for Public Health - the day was based around the findings from the report and the challenges facing public health in the UK.

Since our last newsletter, we have published more blogs, including one in which we ask: 'Why does professional regulation need to be reformed?' Guest blogger, Dr Katerina Kolyva also questions whether it is space or place that contribute to forming professional identity?


Our regular round-up from the regulators, including their current consultations with details and deadlines.


Latest events organised by Policy Forum Wales relating to health and care.

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