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Discussion Papers

Our discussion papers set out our thoughts and ideas about the regulation of people working in health and social care. They are intended to stimulate discussion and debate.

Making care safer for all: a manifesto for change

We have published our priorities to help the next UK government deliver better and safer care for all.

Professional Standards Authority briefing on the Government consultation on the draft Anaesthesia Associates and Physician Associates Order

We are publishing this briefing to help explain some of the proposals put forward in the Government consultation on legislation to bring Physician Associates (PAs) and Anaesthesia Associates (AAs) into regulation and some changes we think could help make these reforms a success

Safer care for all - solutions from professional regulation and beyond

A report highlighting some of the biggest challenges affecting the quality and safety of health and social care across the UK today

Reshaping regulation for public protection - Authority view on the Health and Care Bill

In Reshaping regulation for public protection, we set out our views on the Government's proposals on reforming regulation - particularly as they relate to the Health and Care Bill

Three things to get right for public protection - government consultation on reforming regulation

What are the three things the government needs to get right to protect the public in its current consultation? Find out more in our short Top three report

Learning from Covid-19: a case-study review

Our Covid-19 lessons learned review uses case studies to look at how the 10 UK health and social care regulators responded to the initial crisis caused by the pandemic in 2020

Professional Standards Authority - first look at Government consultation on reforming regulation

We publish our initial thoughts on the Government's consultation on 'Regulating healthcare professionals, protecting the public' - our short report sets out our concerns about the potential for some of the proposals to inadvertently create a gap in public protection

Right-touch regulation in practice: international perspectives

A publication bringing together authors from international organisations explaining how they have applied the principles of right-touch regulation to help them overcome the problems and challenges faced by their organisations

Right-touch reform - a new framework for assurance of professions

The third in our series of publications about the need for reform which should assist people responding to the government consultation on reform of professional regulation

Right-touch assurance: a methodology for assessing and assuring occupational risk of harm

We have developed a new tool to assess risk of harm presented by different health and care occupations, published in October 2016.

Regulation rethought

Our proposals for a transformation of the regulation of health and care professionals, published in October 2016.

Right-touch regulation 2015

In 2015 we published our revised version of our 2010 Right-touch regulation paper. The core principles remain the same, but we have expanded on areas and provided more clarity.

Rethinking regulation 2015

Our thoughts on future regulation

Right-touch regulation 2015

October 2015 policy report

Rethinking regulation

In this paper, the Authority argues that regulation needs a radical overhaul if it is to support rather than stand in the way of the serious changes being proposed for our health and care services.

Fit and Proper?

We have set out some reflections on governance in the public interest, drawing on our experience of our annual reviews, investigating specific areas of concern, and international work.

Did you know?

We publish a range of publications. In addition to discussion papers, we carry out and commission research and publish the results. You can access all the results in our research library or find out more about the key themes and current topics we are focusing on:

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