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Performance Reviews

Here you will find reports of our reviews of the performance of the regulators we oversee.

We recently updated our performance review process and the format of our reports. Any reports dated 2021/22 onwards are under the new process. Our new process means that we will publish shorter monitoring reports alongside more detailed reports for each regulator every three years.

Reviewing the regulators in practice

Find out more about how our work reviewing the regulators' performance contributes to protecting the public in this short case study

How we carry out our reviews

Read our short guide detailing our performance review process, as well as the factors we will consider and the evidence we will look at as part of our review process. In May 2023, we updated our expectations for regulators in relation to our equality, diversity and inclusion Standard (Standard 3 of the Standards of Good Regulation). This involved developing a new evidence framework and accompanying guidance for regulators. This will apply from 2023/24 to 2025/26.


Standards of Good Regulation

The Standards of Good Regulation are an integral part of how we carry out our performance reviews - read through them here.