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Insights into regulation Blog


  • Douglas

    Regulation – not so dull after all

    In this blog, Douglas Bilton, Assistant Director of Standards and Policy at the Professional Standards Authority, talks about healthcare regulation, and explains why it is important for students to understand its purpose, both before and during their time as healthcare professionals.

  • The value of section 29

    Section 29: how we protect the public - Part 2

    In Part 2 of our blog about the Authority's power to appeal (section 29) regulators' fitness to practise decisions - we look at its limits but also its wider impact

  • The value of section 29

    Section 29: how we protect the public - Part 1

    In the past 20 years the Authority has acted as a vital safety net in scrutinising and, appealing fitness to practise decisions which do not protect the public. We look at almost every final decision made by the 10 health and social care regulators and ask ourselves one central question – is the outcome sufficient to protect the public?

  • Fitness to practise image for research page

    What is Fitness to Practise?

    We're often asked the question: What is fitness to practise? Mark Stobbs, our Director of Scrutiny & Quality, gives us a breakdown of what it means and explains how crucial it is to public protection

  • Daisy Blench

    How regulators deal with poor registrant behaviour: the fitness to practise process explored

    We've all seen articles about doctors/nurses being 'struck off' and the fitness to practise process even made a recent appearance on prime-time ITV in its crime drama 'Unforgotten', but what exactly is fitness to practise and why is reforming it long overdue?

  • 1-Accredited-Register

    Public protection: the systems of statutory regulation and Accredited Registers

    Margaret Coats looks at the parallel systems of public protection - having experience of working in both these systems: statutory healthcare regulation and accredited registers

  • Douglas Bilton

    Why does professional regulation need to be reformed?

    Confusing? Complicated? Has the way we regulate health and care professions in the UK passed its sell-by date? In this blog, Douglas Bilton explains why we think it is time for a change and puts forward some ideas for new ways to regulate

  • Michael Warren

    Professional healthcare regulation in the UK explained (part 2)

    What is professional regulation, why do we have it and how does it work? Questions we asked and answered in our first blog. In part 2, we delve deeper into the subject – exploring some of the challenges regulation faces and considering the alternatives

  • Michael Warren

    Professional healthcare regulation in the UK explained

    Red tape? Badge of honour? An historical hotchpotch – out of step with modern times? There is no doubt that professional healthcare regulation is complicated. Policy Adviser at the Authority, Michael Warren, explains professional regulation in the UK