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Insights into regulation Blog


  • Christine

    Five priorities to address health inequalities

    In this blog we outline five priorities we identified at our event in December to address healthcare inequalities - actions that could be taken by regulators, and could make a real difference towards addressing, and solving, the problem of healthcare inequality

  • AlanClamp280

    Zero Discrimination Day: Celebration and Action

    In this blog, PSA CEO Alan Clamp writes that Zero Discrimination Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our collective experience and also to reflect on all the benefits of diversity and to appreciate the value it adds to our lives, but is also a call to action.

  • Moi

    Reflections from our roundtable in Scotland: barriers to complaining

    What are the barriers to complaining? In this blog, PSA Board member Moi Ali reflects on our recent roundtable in Scotland discussing this subject

  • Image of PSA Accreditation Officer Louise Appleby

    Reflections on the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation’s 2023 Annual Educational Conference

    Reflections from PSA's Accreditation Officer, Louise Appleby following her presentation at this year's CLEAR education conference

  • Photo of the PSA's first participant to our Workplace Experience Scheme

    Inclusion starts with equity and respect

    PSA is supporting National Inclusion Week 2023 and are we're asking 'What does inclusion mean in the workplace'? In this blog, our first Work Experience Scheme participant shares her view with us

  • Cultural Safety – seeking to turn the tide of health inequities in Aotearoa New Zealand

    In our latest blog, Joan Simeon, Kiri Rikihana, Richard Tankersley, Jane Dancer at The Medical Council of New Zealand, discusses the role of healthcare practitioners, and regulators in addressing health inequities in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and how the practice of cultural safety can improve patient outcomes.

  • Who isn't complaining? Learning from those who do not complain

    In this blog, Jacob Lant, Head of Policy, Public Affairs, Research and Insight at Healthwatch England, explains how the healthcare system can use complaint processes to address inequalities in healthcare and how this can help us understand the demographic of those who are not complaining to learn about those who are receiving poorer outcomes.

  • Mark Stobbs for blog

    What we’re doing to tackle inequality

    In this blog, we look at how important it is to understand inequalities in health and social care - without understanding the why, when and how, it will be harder to tackle inequalities and address discrimination effectively.

  • shutterstock_83458603 (doctor-surgeon looking in mirror) smaller size

    Sexual harassment and assault in health and care: getting the regulatory response right

    How should regulators respond to sexual assault and harassment in health and care? In this blog we explore how widespread the problem is, look at past and current research as well as discussing what we can do as a sector to tackle it

  • Sexual-misconduct-in-health-care

    Mental health and fitness to practise

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, but the importance of good mental health is a key issue for the Royal College of Nursing year round as they support their members working in the UK and abroad. Read more in our guest blog