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  • An Image showing Anna Van der Gaag

    Safety nets and sledgehammers

    In this guest blog, Anna van der Gaag, reflects on our recent timetable exploring how to bring the best of safety culture initiatives and the best of regulatory processes together to do more for patient safety

  • Sands blog - Charlotte Bevan

    Together we are Sands

    June is Sands Awareness Month when Sands raises the profile of the impact of baby loss on families across the UK. In this guest blog, Charlotte Bevan explains the theme of the year - Together We Are Sands campaign

  • Dinah Godfree and Annie Sorbie

    The Duty of Candour in Scotland – what we heard from our 2021 conference

    We co-hosted a conference with the University of Edinburgh Law School to explore the duty of candour in the context of health and social care in Scotland. Read about the key themes and points of discussion in our blog

  • Sarah Seddon blog photo

    When the Duty of Candour becomes personal

    A guest blog from Sarah Seddon, a healthcare practitioner and a patient, who discusses how the Duty of Candour has affected her personal life.

  • Amy Hopwood - CQC

    A tale of two duties (of candour)

    Amy Hopwood, Policy Manager at CQC writes about the organisational duty of candour: the difference between it and the professional duty of candour; the barriers that can hinder both duties; & CQC's plans for launching new guidance in the spring

  • Peter Walsh -AvMa

    The Duty of Candour – where are we now?

    A guest blog from Peter Walsh questions what difference the duty of candour has made, but he remains hopeful that, if fully embraced by regulators and others, it will lead to the biggest and most overdue advance in patients’ rights and patient safety

  • Duty of Candour screenshot

    Truth will out? Two sides of the candour coin

    We look at two sides to candour: a legal point of view in the context of fitness to practise; and what our research tells us about the possible barriers to candour and why candour can be much more complicated than ‘simply telling the truth’ makes it sound

  • Russell Parkinson national speak up guardians

    The role of regulators in encouraging a Speak Up culture

    Russell Parkinson guest blogs for us following our recent seminar on whistleblowing - outlining that there needs to be supportive organisational cultures with good leaders to encourage speaking up and voicing concerns

  • what is the professional duty-of-candour

    The professional duty of candour: widening the lens

    Annie Sorbie & Zahra Jaffer guest blog on the need to maintain momentum on embedding candour in healthcare professionals and how we need to widen the lens beyond individual interactions and direct attention to the wider context in which healthcare is provided

  • Michael Warren

    The professional duty of candour is a commendable principle but to what extent can regulators influence their registrants to put it into practice?

    Four years on since the regulators published their joint statement on candour, we wanted to find out how successful they have been in encouraging candour in their registrants - our latest research looks at their progress