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Our policy advice

Our policy work covers a broad range of issues across the regulation of health and social care professions. We carry out work when we are asked to look at a particular problem and give our advice. We also identify issues through our work with the professional regulators and accredited registers. The Secretary of State for Health and the health ministers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales often ask us to examine particular questions.

When carrying out our work we talk to people with an interest or knowledge of the subject, to learn from their experience or expertise. We also try to bring the views of patients, services users and the public into our work at every opportunity. This may be by looking at what other organisations have said, commissioning research with patients, services users and other members of the public, talking to charities, patient and service users groups and our stakeholder network, or through consultations and meetings.

  • Authority guidance for regulators on fitness to practise hearings during the Covid-19 pandemic (September 2020)
  • Right-touch assurance for sonographers - a report for Health Education England
  • Standards for members of NHS boards and CCG governing bodies 2012
  • Developing a methodology to assess the consistency of fitness to practise outcomes 2019
  • How is public confidence maintained when fitness to practise decisions are made?
  • Regulating an occupation in fewer than all 4 UK countries 2018
  • Fitness to practise sanctions common terms 2009
  • Sharing Information at First Entry to Registers 2008
  • Harmonising Sanctions 2008
  • Feasibility of prohibition order schemes - initial evaluation
  • Thresholds for referral of concerns 2008
  • Interim report on oversight of nursing associates - November 2016
  • Right-touch assurance 2016
  • Progress on strengthening the approach to candour
  • Student fitness to practise 2010
  • Common Values Statement 2006
  • Clear sexual boundaries Information for patients and carers 2008
  • Sexual boundaries responsibilities of healthcare professionals 2008
  • Clear sexual boundaries guidance for fitness to practise panels 2008
  • Sexual boundaries report on education and training 2008
  • Common approach to good character 2008
  • Healthcare for people with disabilities 2009
  • Health Conditions 2009
  • Shared Functions 2009
  • Tackling misuse of protected title 2010
  • Health professional regulators registers 2010
  • Continuing fitness to practise based on right-touch regulation 2012
  • Patient and public participation 2011
  • Purpose of the fitness to practise process 2014
  • Reviewing Right-touch regulation 2015
  • Establishing the General Pharmaceutical Council advice
  • Lapses in Professional Registration
  • Our advice to Ministers

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    Current work

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