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Share your experience of regulators

Who can provide information?

Anyone who has had contact with one or more of the regulators we oversee. This includes patients, service users, the public, registrants, professional and representative organisations, students, employers.

What can you tell us about?

We  would like to hear about your experience with a regulator. if you have been in contact with them was it good or could it be improved? Looking back on your own, or a loved one’s, health or social care can be an emotional process. We understand this, and will treat information you share with us as important and confidential. 

We are interested in how the regulators carry out their work in:

  • General Standards, including how regulators engage with stakeholders and their approach to equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Guidance and standards
  • Education and training
  • Registration
  • Fitness to practise.

We are also interested in other areas, including: equality and diversity, customer service; data protection; complaints handling; support for witnesses and registrants.

What will you do with my information?

Every piece of information we receive is looked at individually. We use information shared with us to help build up a picture of how well the regulators are protecting the public. It helps us spot if there are patterns to the information being shared with us. It also helps us to identify strengths and weaknesses and we can recommend changes. Read through our case study to find out more about how sharing experience with us led to a regulator changing its processes.

How can I share my experience?

The easiest way is to fill the form in at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us is by emailing: or you can also write to us: Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, 16-18 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6AG. If neither of these options work for you, call us on 020 7389 8051.

What happens next?

We will keep you informed – we will acknowledge your contact with us within five working days. Sometimes, we will get in touch to ask you for more details about your experience – but only if you’ve given us permission to do so. We will not always mention the details you have shared with us in our regulator review reports, but we will take it into account and it will help us build a picture of how the regulator is performing.

What we cannot use

The types of experiences we can’t use include:

  1. Information about individual health and care professionals – you may need to contact their regulator and/or their employer instead.
  2. Information about a regulator that we don’t oversee – you can find the list of regulators we oversee here.

Who can I complain to?

We are not a complaints body. This means if you have a complaint about a health or care professional, or about their regulator, and would like it resolved, you should contact the regulator direct. Find out more about the regulators we oversee (including links to all their websites) here. Or read through our frequently asked questions to help you decide who to contact.

We realise that complaining about health and care can be very complicated - if you are not sure who to complain to, check our guides which are specific to:

Fill in the form below to share your experience of a regulator