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Collaborating for safer care for all

Publishing our report Safer care for all was a significant milestone for us.

When we pressed the publish button, we knew were going beyond our remit. We also knew that to find solutions to the issues we highlighted, we had to. Our sub-title was  'Solutions from professional regulation and beyond', because we recognised that the current challenges facing patient/public safety cannot be solved by regulation alone. We also realised that collaborating both within and without the sector, would be essential.  

We kicked off discussions in November 2022 when we held our Safer care for all conference, but fully focused on this topic at our June 2023 symposium where we asked: "how can we successfully collaborate to ensure safer care for all?’ A range of speakers shared their experience and expertise on the benefits, disadvantages and lessons to be learned when collaborating.

We have captured the results of these conversations in a visual summary or find out more in our short animation outlining the main themes.

You can also read through the presentations delivered on the day.