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Share your experience of accredited registers

As part of our accreditation process we seek feedback from patients, service users, the public, professional and representative organisations, employers and others.

What we would like from you

We would like to hear about the experiences you have had with an accredited register. We would like to know why you have been in contact with them and what your experience was – both good and what could be improved. Give us some brief details and we will get in touch to ask for more information.

Why we need the information you share with us

Accredited Registers who have met our Standards for Accredited Registers, and their registrants, can use our  'quality mark'. We check that Registers continue to meet our Standards on a regular basis. Information shared with us from patients, professionals, the public and employers about their contacts and interactions with Registers paints a picture of how well the Registers are protecting the public. Every piece of information we receive is looked at individually. It enables us to recognise themes, strengths and weaknesses and recommend changes. Your feedback helps our Accreditation Panel to make decisions. We publish these decisions - you can find them here. By sharing your experience with us you will be helping us to guide organisations in improving their services. You will be helping to protect the public. The types of experiences we want to hear about include:

  • Education and training
  • Complaints handling
  • Information for the public
  • Governance
  • Managing risks.

What you can expect from us

Sharing your experiences of Accredited Registers is important because it helps them learn and improve and helps us make sure that they continue to maintain our standards. Looking back on your own, or a loved one’s, health or social care can be an emotional process. We understand this, and are sensitive in how we handle all the feedback we receive, treating it as important and confidential. This is NOT a complaint process. If you have a complaint about an Accredited Register or one of their registrants please contact the Accredited Register. You can contact them on find-a-register page. Please see our health and care guides to help you decide who to contact.

How to get in touch

You can either telephone us: on 020 7389 8037 and speak to our Accreditation Team. Email us: If you prefer, you can write to us: Accreditation Team Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, 16-18 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6AG.

What happens next?

When you get in touch with us, we will acknowledge we have received your information within five working days, and it be logged against the relevant Standard(s). Sometimes, we will get in touch to ask you for more details about your experience. We will tell you how we have used it. (Please see our reports of the Accredited Registers for examples.)

Help us protect the public

You can find out more about:

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Read our case study about how the Registration Council of Clinical Physiologists took action to achieve accreditation leading to raised standards and improved public protection 

The Strategic Review

In July 2021, we introduced a new 'public interest' test as part of ours Standards for accrediting registers. This followed a public consultation and a strategic review of the programme. You can find out more here.