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Update on the strategic review of the Accredited Registers programme

Since announcing our plans to hold a strategic review of the Accredited Registers programme, we’ve completed an initial phase of analysis over the summer. Our initial, high-level findings, which have been reviewed by our Board, show that improvements in standards can be charted in the registers we have accredited since the programme’s introduction in 2012. However, it is also clear that for the programme to reach its potential, there needs to be greater awareness and it must be better embedded within the wider healthcare system. From our own research into other voluntary schemes, it is clear that they are successful when operating as part of a collaboration between individuals, organisations and government.

Although health systems differ across the four countries of the UK, there are themes important to all. The pressures faced by the health and social care services, exacerbated by Covid-19, mean that confidence in the millions of roles not regulated by statute is more important than ever. We are now engaging with the four governments of the UK, NHS bodies and patient charities to find out how a revised system of assurance can protect patients and support future workforce needs.

We will be launching a public consultation on our proposals for the future of the programme later in the winter. it will be important for us to gain a wide range of views and perspectives, and we will update further on how you can get involved with the consultation following our next Board meeting on 25 November.

Find out more about the Accredited Registers programme here. Or read a case study which shows how the programme helps registers to raise standards and improve public protection.