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We protect the public by overseeing the regulation and registration of healthcare professionals

How we help to protect the public

We do this by improving the regulation and registration of people who work in health and care. Our work includes:

  • Reviewing the work of the regulators of health and care professionals
  • Accrediting organisations that register practitioners in unregulated occupations
  • Giving policy advice to Ministers and others and encouraging research to improve regulation

We apply the principles of right-touch regulation to everything we do - find out more. Not sure how our work contributes to public protection? Read examples of our work in these case studies.


Government consultation on reforming regulation - let's get it right for public protection

The government is consulting on reforming professional healthcare regulation. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to help shape the future of regulatory reform. We welcome much of what has been put forward in the consultation, but there are some proposals that worry us. Read our short 'first look' report or find out more here.Authority first thoughts on government consultation cover

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  • Mental Health Awareness Week

    Healthcare professionals with patients

    As Mental Health Awareness week for this year draws to a close, our Director of Scrutiny Quality blogs about how for many health/care workers, the conversation has to continue with regulators and employers

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  • What do the public and professionals think about consistency between regulators?

    Natasha Wynne - policy officer

    Natasha Wynne explains more about our recently published research on whether consistency matters between regulators and what the public, patients and professionals think about consistency in health and care regulation

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Check if your practitioner is registered or you can also find an accredited register or regulator

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GO What is an accredited register?
What is a regulator?

Our work with regulators

We oversee the 10 statutory bodies that regulate health and care professionals. We review their performance to see how they are protecting the public.

We also scrutinise their decisions about whether people on their registers are fit to practise and can appeal these decisions if we believe they are insufficient to protect the public.

Our work with accredited registers

We set standards for organisations holding voluntary registers for people working in unregulated health and care occupations and accredit those organisations that meet our standards.

The programme helps people who are seeking treatments that may not be covered by regulated professions to opt for a lower risk option and make an informed choice.

Improving regulation 

improving regulation

We want to explain and explore regulation – we encourage improvement by sharing good practice and knowledge, conducting research and introducing new ideas, including our concept of right-touch regulation.

We also monitor policy developments and provide advice to governments and others on matters relating to people working in health and care.

Our current work

our current work

Find out more about our latest research, social media campaigns or our most recent performance review published or register accredited.

You can also check our schedule for sharing your experience with us to help inform our regulator reviews and register re-accreditations.