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We are currently working on:


We have completed the GDC's, the GOsC's, the GPhC's, the HCPC's, and the NMC's reviews for 2015/16 and published our reports.


Our 2015/16 reviews of the GCC, the GMC, the GOC, and the PSNI are in progress and reports will be published as the reviews are completed.


Our schedule for the next round of reviews is now available – it gives deadlines for sharing your experience of the regulators and also indicates when we will assess each regulator’s performance. We will start assessing the General Chiropractic Council in April, so please share your experience with us by 27 February 2017.

Accredited Registers

We have received an application for accreditation from the:


Annual reviews are happening throughout the year. You can view the latest decision and the annual review dates on the panel decisions page. We are currently assessing annual reviews of accreditation for:


If you have experience of any of these accredited registers and would like to share it – we would like to hear from you, just check the deadlines and get in touch.

Policy and research

Our latest literature review provides interesting insights into the range of factors that can influence how professional identities amongst health and social care professionals are acquired and developed.


We have just provided our interim report on the oversight of nursing associates to the Department of Health. We have also just published our initial evaluation into the feasibility of prohibition order schemes for unregulated health and care workers in the UK.


We have now published Regulation rethought. This builds on the ideas we set out in our paper Rethinking regulation published last year. Regulation rethought sets out our proposals for a transformation of the regulation of health and care professionals. We have also published our paper on assessing the risk of harm Right-touch assurance – a methodology for assessing and assuring occupational risk of harm.