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Frequently asked questions

We have provided the answers to some of the questions people often ask us below. On this page you can find answers to questions about our organisation.  If you would like to find answers to questions about the work of the regulators or accredited registers please use the links on the left.


What is the Professional Standards Authority?

Our full name is the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care. We are an independent UK organisation and we report to Parliament.

What does the Authority do?

We oversee the work of nine regulators who regulate health professionals in the UK and social workers in England. We also set standards for organisations that hold registers for unregulated health and care practitioners.

We provide advice about the regulation of health and care professionals to Ministers and others. We also publish standards and encourage research so that regulation is based on evidence of what works.

What is the purpose of the Authority’s work?

To check that regulators and accredited registers are protecting the public well and encouraging improvement in the way regulation and registration is carried out.

How is the Authority funded?

The nine regulators are each required by law to pay us an annual fee.  We charge a not-for-profit fee to accredited registers. Governments and others can also commission us to give them advice.

How much money does the Authority spend?

You can find a copy of our accounts in our Annual Report. Our annual budget is usually less than £4million. We have between 35-40 staff.