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Play Therapy UK

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Play Therapy UK exists to further the good practice of therapeutic work with children. This includes improving children's wellbeing as well as alleviating behaviour and mental health problems.

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At its most recent annual review of Accreditation. the Panel provided the following Conditions to be implemented by the time-frame specified:

  1. PTUK must strengthen the effectiveness, independence and impartiality of its oversight body, the BCTIWC, demonstrating scrutiny of all functions of PTUK relating to the register. As part of this, the Annual Report of the BCTIWC must provide substantial evidence of the scrutiny it has carried out. PTUK must provide an update about this at the next annual review of accreditation.
  2.  PTUK must alter its consent form used by registrants to ensure that it is explicit about:
  • The data to be collected
  • The purposes for which that data is collected
  • The fact that data will be anonymised; and
  • The fact that withholding consent to provide this data will not affect provision of care.

This is to be implemented by annual review of accreditation.


On 16 January 2017 the Panel approved a Notification of Change for PTUK to admit a new title on to its register. The Panel provided following Condition to be implemented by the time-frame specified:

  1. The title will appear on the register as ‘Certified Play and Creative Arts Counsellor of Children and Young People’. PTUK must ensure the title is used in full and provide an update on its monitoring of this at its 2018 Annual Review. 


Panel decisions can be downloaded here.

Valid From:

11 April 2016 - 11 April 2017

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  • Children’s Health
  • Play Therapy
  • Counselling