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Schedule for assessment 2020

This schedule provides provisional dates for when we will undertake our assessments of the performance of each of the health and care regulators.

As part of this process we seek feedback from patients, service users, the public, professional and representative organisations, employers and others. We would like to hear about the experiences you have had with a regulator.

We take account of the feedback received when making our assessment of each regulator for the year. Find more information on how individuals and organisations can share their experience with us. The dates differ for each regulator, so please check the schedule below for the deadlines.

Information about the performance review process, as well as the action we may take following our assessment, can be found in the performance review section.

These dates are indicative and we may alter them based on our continuing assessment of each regulator’s individual performance.

  Dates to note below:

Give us your feedback

Tell us about your experience when you have been in touch with a regulator. Find out  more about why we need your feedback and how we use it in our short animation



Share your experience by:   
Assessment begins:
General Chiropractic Council
      20 March 2020   
April 2020
General Dental Council       29 May 2020       June 2020
General Medical Council
      14 August 2020
  September 2020
General Optical Council        11 September 2020
  October 2020
General Osteopathic Council       10 January 2020
  February 2020
General Pharmaceutical Council       26 February 2020       March 2020
Health and Care Professions Council       6 December 2019       January 2020
Nursing and Midwifery Council
      17 April 2020 
      May 2020
Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland 
      2 October 2020
  November 2020
Social Work England       16 October 2020   November 2020