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Society of Homeopaths

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The Society of Homeopaths operates a register for practitioners who are trained to high standards and adhere to a strict code of ethics and practice.

The Society of Homeopaths’ accreditation has been renewed subject to the following Condition.

1. The Society of Homeopaths must:

a.make its position statements clear that registrants must not practise or advertise adjunctive therapies that are incompatible with Society registration. Specific reference must be made to the Society’s position forbidding the practice of CEASE, and dietary/nutritional supplements. This must be submitted to the Authority for review and published within three months

b. make its position statements clear that registrants’ scope of practice does not allow registrants, whether acting in a professional or public capacity, to provide advice on vaccination or offer or provide homeopathy as an alternative to vaccination for the prevention of serious infectious diseases. Registrants should direct service users to NHS and other public health sources, for example, their GP or public health departments. Revised statements must be submitted to the Authority for review and published within three months

c. provide quarterly reports of its monitoring to ensure that within the following 12 months all registrant websites comply with its updated position statements (as referred to in part a above)

d. complete and make available to the public its guidance on adjunctive/supplementary therapies and inform the Authority how it will promote compliance with that guidance

Update as at 10 June 2020: We announced that Conditions 1 and 2 had been met. For more information, please refer to the panel decision and to the Society’s website.

Update as at 6 July 2020: We have initiated an in-year review of the Society of Homeopaths. In accordance with our processes, we can undertake an in-year review if information is raised with us that requires further investigation. The potential outcomes for this are the same as for an annual review.

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