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Renew your Quality Mark



Gaining the Accredited Register quality mark is a great achievement but it is important to regularly review Accredited Registers to ensure that they continue to meet the Authority’s rigorous standards.

We ask organisations holding our quality mark to renew their accredited status every 12 months, and will contact you eight months after accreditation to confirm your intention to renew.

You can apply early if you have significant concerns about whether you still comply or are making changes to your register.

Renewal is subject to an annual review by the Authority.

The Accreditation team will contact you at month eight to ask whether you wish to reapply, supply you with the annual renewal form and answer any questions. The required documents for your renewal are due at the end of the tenth month of your accreditation. For example: if your accreditation expires on 31 October, complete and return your documents by 31 August. You’ll need to allow some time before that to get everything together, and to check whether you still meet our standards.

You  will need to provide us with the following information:
- A completed and signed renewal application form
- Any supporting documentation
- An updated Risk Matrix
- Responses to feedback shared by stakeholders through our Share Your Experience process
- Registrant numbers to allow us to calculate the annual renewal fee.

Make sure you apply for renewal on time (the date will be provided in your accreditation letter). See step one.

Renewal applications submitted after your Quality Mark has expired will be subject to the initial New Application Fee of £13,798 and £10,414 (with 10p per registrant) for annual renewals.

When we receive your renewal application we ask stakeholders to share their experiences of your organisation with us. Check our Current Work page for open invitations to Share Your Experience.

Your annual review is tailored to focus on any Conditions or Recommendations issued at the previous annual review, and information gathered by the Accreditation Team throughout the year. As we conduct the review we may contact you for more information, interview staff or conduct a site visit. We sometimes carry out spot checks during the year if there is a particular cause for concern.

The Accreditation team will present the report to the Moderator to make a decision. Outcomes may be:
  • Accredited
  • Accredited with Recommendations
  • Referral to targeted review
  • Direct referral to an Accreditation Panel

Outcomes of an Accreditation Panel may be: 

  • Accredited with Recommendations
  • Accredited subject to certain Conditions that you must satisfy to retain accreditation
  • Suspension dependent on appropriate action
  • Removal of accreditation.

Outcomes are published on the Authority’s website in Read our Assessments.