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Apply for the Quality Mark


Become part of a goverment-backed initiative to protect the public by applying for our Accredited Registers quality mark and show your commitment to the health, wellbeing and safety of the public.

If you are an organisation that holds a voluntary register of health and care practitioners, apply for the Accredited Registers quality mark to promote your commitment to the health, wellbeing and safety of the public.

You’ll be part of a government-backed initiative to protect the public when they are choosing and using health and care services and will be listed in our Find a Register. We charge a non-refundable fee of £13,798 for initial applications and £10,414, plus 10p per registrant, for annual renewals. The Accredited Registers service is run on a not-for-profit basis. Information about our fees and payment can be found at Fees on the left.

The Accredited Registers quality mark is valid for 12 months and is reviewed on an annual basis.

Applying for the quality mark couldn't be easier. Follow our six simple steps below:

Do you meet our standards? What do you need to put in place? Our self-assessment tool helps you decide how ready you are to apply for the quality mark.

Download our Accreditation Guide from our Resources page.

When you’ve completed step one, our Accreditation team will talk you through the application process and answer any questions you have arising from your self assessment.

Contact them on 020 7389 8037

Download an Application Form from our Resources page.

We also ask you to carry out a risk assessment for your register. A Risk Assessment form and related Guidance can also be found on the Resources page.

All organisations that have submitted applications are listed in our Sharing Centre.

There is no deadline for the submission of applications. Each application is assessed individually, in order of submission and considered by the Accreditation Panel when we are satisfied that all the information is ready for them to make an informed decision.

As you are sharing important information with us, please read our Freedom of Information statement. It can be found on the right.

Once we’ve accepted your application we will ask stakeholders to share their experiences of your organisation with us.

Check out our current work to see who we are assessing.

Our Accreditation team will carry out a full assessment of your organisation which includes:-
- a full review of your documentation
- interviews with your Chief Executive, Chair, Registrar and other relevant staff
- observation of a meeting of the governing board/committee
- observation of a professional conduct hearing
- site visit.

We also complete an impact assessment document for your organisation. A guide to this process can be found on the Resources page.

When we have finished our assessment we present your case to the Accreditation Panel for their decision. Panels only meet when ALL the stages of our assessment are completed.

The information we collect on your organisation is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI). Information about FOI can be found on the right.

Our Accreditation Panel will meet to consider your application.

Possible outcomes are:-
- Accreditation of your register and award of the quality mark
- Accreditation subject to certain conditions that you must satisfy before gaining Accredited status
- Adjournment – the panel may need to seek further clarification and reconvene at a later date. Accreditation status will be notified by letter
- Not Accredited – if your application is not accredited you can re-apply when you are ready and pay the application fee again.
- If you are not happy with the decision you have the right to appeal. See our Appeal Policy in the Resources section.

The outcome of your application will be notified to you by letter. If you achieve the quality mark and accredited status your accreditation starts from the date of our letter.

We will also meet with you to arrange the announcement of your quality mark award.