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Performance review - GOsC 2015/16

29 Jun 2016 | Profefessional Standards Authority
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In our annual review of their performance for 2015/16 we concluded that the General Osteopathic Council are performing well and have met all the Standards of Good Regulation.

Key facts & figures:

Regulates the practice of osteopathy in the United Kingdom
5,084 registrants as at 1 June 2016
£320 registration fee for first year, £430 for second year and thereafter £570 a year

Standards of good regulation met:

Guidance & Standards:

4 out of 4

Education & Training:

4 out of 4


6 out of 6

Fitness to Practise:

10 out of 10


Proactive response to increase in complaints about advertising

The GOsC responded proactively to an increase in the number of complaints it received about advertising. The GOsC’s Council agreed to produce joint guidance with the Advertising Standards Authority and with the Committee of Advertising Practice (who are responsible for UK Advertising Codes, which are administered by the Advertising Standards Authority). The guidance is aimed at ensuring GOsC registrants advertise only factual information about osteopathic services and potential benefits of osteopathic treatment.

Guidance for witnesses attending fitness to practise panels

The GOsC has sought to provide greater support to witnesses involved in its fitness to practise proceedings by producing a witness guidance leaflet and video. The guidance was developed by involving interested parties, including Victim Support, and explains the process and what witnesses can expect when taking part in a fitness to practise proceeding.

Raising awareness to gosc registrants about ‘duty of candour’

The duty of candour aims to ensure that healthcare providers are open and transparent with people who use their services, including professionals being open and honest with patients or service users when harm or distress has been caused. GOsC took steps to further enhance its registrants’ understanding of the duty of candour by conducting training workshops for patients and the public, its Investigating Committee members and practising osteopaths. GOsC sought out views of registrants, patients and members of the public.

Inclusive consultation on developing its new ‘cpd’ scheme for registrants

The GOsC has made progress in developing its CPD scheme, conducting an inclusive public consultation exercise which resulted in the publication of draft guidelines and training materials for registrants

Making sure that the register is easy to find and dealing effectively with non-registrants

The GOsC register is displayed prominently on its website and it responded to our request to clarify that registrants who have been removed as a result of a fitness to practise hearing will not appear on the online register. The GOsC also sent to 40 individuals ‘cease and desist’ letters during 2015/16, and successfully prosecuted one individual for illegal practice and published details on its website.


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