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Performance Review 2013-2014

11 Apr 2016 | Professional Standards Authority
  • Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews are our annual check on how well the regulators are carrying out their role in protecting the public

This report contains both an overview of our general findings (section seven) from our performance review of the regulators and our individual detailed reports about the performance of each of the regulators against the Standards of Good Regulation (section nine). The performance review took place between September 2013 and May 2014 and draws on evidence of performance during the 2013/14 financial year.

How are the regulators performing against the Standards of Good Regulation?

In this performance review, we conclude that all of the regulators are performing well or adequately against most of the Standards of Good Regulation. However, we have greater concerns than we have noted in previous reviews about the performance of some of the health and care regulators in relation to the Standards for registration and fitness to practise. We consider that the quality of regulation and the level of protection provided to the public differs between the regulators.

In each of the individual regulator’s performance review reports, we have identified where the regulators have or have not met the Standards of Good Regulation.


In summary, in 2013/14 we considered that:

Four of the regulators met all of the Standards of Good Regulation – the GMC, the GOC, the GOsC, and the HCPC. However, we note that we raised concerns about the GOC’s and the HCPC’s performance against one or more of the Standards and will look for improvement in these areas in the performance review 2014/15.

Two of the regulators (the GPhC and the PSNI) met all but one of the Standards of Good Regulation.

Three of the regulators did not meet several of the Standards. In particular, we note that: the GCC did not meet four of the Standards and performed inconsistently against one; the GDC did not meet eight of the Standards; 3 and the NMC did not meet seven of the Standards and performed inconsistently against two others. 


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