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Black Lives Matter

The tragic death of George Floyd has had a profound effect on people all around the globe. We unite in outrage at these events and the countless others which go unmentioned in the media. This has bought with it some much needed reflection and placed an emphasis on the responsibility we all have to bring about action and positive, lasting change. We at the Authority state clearly and definitively that Black Lives Matter and we unreservedly support this movement and stand with those who challenge discrimination and racism in all its forms.

In response to this, and in addition to the work we are already doing, the Authority is setting up a project to review our promotion and monitoring of equality, diversity and inclusion. This project will review all aspects of our work, including our policies and processes, as well as our external interaction with stakeholders. We will review the changes made by the project later in 2020 to ensure that improvements have been made.

Collectively, we all have a duty to ensure that we identify and eradicate discrimination and we must work together to ensure that there is change. We will be thinking hard about what we can do to better promote equality, diversity and inclusion for all staff; and will be looking at what other organisations are doing in order to learn and improve.