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Right-touch regulation spreads across the world

In Right-touch regulation in practice, 10 contributors (including from organisations in Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand, as well as the UK) share their experiences of using right-touch regulation to inform their thinking, policies and practice. The contributions set out the interesting and varied ways in which different regulators in different sectors and in different countries have applied right-touch regulation to their particular problems and challenges.

A common theme in the papers is that right-touch regulation is an adaptable approach, flexible enough to be useful in different regulatory regimes, and clear enough to provide a consistent framework for problem-solving. Our authors show that right-touch regulation is complementary to other values-based approaches, and that it can act as a catalyst for organisational change within regulators. We are extremely grateful to those who contributed for sharing their experiences and reflections with us.

You can download a copy of Right-touch regulation in practice: international perspectives. We also have a limited number of hard copies available. Please email Lesley Loughran to request some.