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Reviewing the Standards of Good Regulation – second consultation launched

We have just launched our second consultation as part of our review of the Standards of Good Regulation and are now seeking feedback on the detailed proposals.

The Standards of Good Regulation are the tools that we use to inform our assessment of how the regulators that we oversee are carrying out their duties to protect the public. The current Standards have not been changed since 2010 and we considered that they needed to be reviewed.

We issued a first consultation paper last year to seek views about the general scope of the Standards and the matters that the Authority should be examining in 2017. We received 29 responses to that consultation and also held workshops with key parties, including the regulators. This feedback has helped us draft our new proposed Standards of Good Regulation.

We hope that the new Standards will remove duplication and will provide greater flexibility for the regulators to develop their processes. The proposed Standards also look at the way in which regulators monitor their own performance and ensure that the different parts of the organisation are working together to protect the public.

We are keen to hear from the regulators and other stakeholders about the proposed Standards, as well as the evidence we will require regulators to provide to demonstrate how they are meeting them.

The deadline for responses is 10 September 2018.

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