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Right-touch regulation (revised) has now been published

Right-touch regulation describes the approach we adopt in the work we do.

It is the approach that we encourage the health and social care professional regulators we oversee to work towards. It frames the contributions we make to wider debates about the quality and safety of healthcare.

In the five years since we published Right-touch regulation, we have observed that there is no common understanding of the term ‘risk’ or of the concept of risk-based regulation. We have been told that assessing risk presents serious challenges and yet we, along with many others remain convinced that it is the best approach to making decisions about what and how to regulate.

The revised Right-touch regulation paper outlines our thinking as we explore the role and value of regulation. Common themes have emerged through our oversight of the health professional regulators and in our advice and recommendations to government on areas of regulatory policy. In this paper we explain these in greater detail and define more clearly our concept of Right-touch regulation.

The revised edition and supporting documents are available on our website: