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Regulators' update

Nursing and Midwifery Council: government consultation shows support for reforms aimed at speeding up the fitness to practise process

The government has now published a detailed breakdown of the 1,424 responses it received to the Department of Health’s consultation on amendments to modernise midwifery regulation and improve effectiveness and efficiency of fitness to practise processes. You can find out more at

General Dental Council to publish plans to improve regulation for patients and dental professionals

Look out later this week (26 January) for Shifting the balance: a better, fairer system of dental regulation to see what plans the GDC proposes to put in place to improve the current system of regulation for patients and make it fairer for dental professionals by shifting the balance of activity onto prevention as part of a series of wide-ranging proposals to improve dental regulation.

The plans cover work already under way as well as new proposals. The intention is for the regulatory system to work better to stop things going wrong, rather than reacting after harm has been done. Further proposals include:

  • the need to improve collection, analysis and use of information, data and intelligence
  • improving engagement with students to ensure they are in the best possible position to begin their career as a registered dental professional
  • changing the model in continuing professional development (CPD) to that of providing data, intelligence and information
  • working with education providers and stakeholders to ensure that future professionals are well-equipped to understand and apply the standards expected of them when they register.

General Pharmaceutical Council consultations

The GPhC is currently conducting several consultations on:

  • Revised threshold criteria – these criteria are used by decision-makers within the GPhC, who are involved in investigating concerns, to decide whether a case should be referred to the investigating committee. The deadline to respond is 7 March 2017. Find out more at:
  • Religion, personal values and beliefs in pharmacy practice – this consultation asks about the wording on personal values and beliefs in the new standards for pharmacy professionals, due to come into effect in 2017 and about the guidance on the behaviours expected of pharmacy professionals in applying the standards. The deadline to respond is 7 March 2017. Find out more at:
  • Initial education and training standards of pharmacy technicians –  views are being sought on the new standards that all pharmacy technicians applying for registration must meet, demonstrating that they have the knowledge, skills and attributes to provide safe and effective care to patients and the public. The deadline to respond is 1 March 2017. Find out more at:
  • Discussion document on supervising pharmacist independent prescribers in training – views are sought about proposed changes to supervision requirements of pharmacist independent prescribers in training. The discussion is open until 1 February 2017. Find out more at: