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Accredited registers

2016 round-up visual - accredited registers

Update on joint project with the Royal Society for Public Health

In our last newsletter, we talked about Public Health England’s vision for success in 2020 which was reliant, in part, on the wider NHS being fully engaged in improving population health.

We met with the Royal Society for Public Health to discuss ways in which the 70,000 plus practitioners on accredited registers might also be able to help. Our first action was to launch a survey inviting all these practitioners to give us their views on how they might contribute to improving public health. We gathered over 7,000 responses and quickly followed this up with focus groups during December to discuss the survey results in more detail.

We’ll be publishing a joint report with the Royal Society for Public Health in the spring with recommendations for future action to mobilise accredited registers as part of the wider public health workforce. The report will be presented at our annual conference in May.

East meets West as Chinese delegation visits the CNHC

In November, we talked to a delegation from China who were being hosted by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. The Health and Family Planning Committee of Tianjin Province were touring the UK to learn more about our systems of healthcare regulation and registration.

Our Head of Accreditation, Graham Mockler, talked to them about our accredited registers programme.

Local Government Association’s workforce survey asks councils about use of accredited registers

The Local Government Association has included a question about accredited registers for us in their workforce survey.

In their efforts to help local authorities achieve a flexible, skilled workforce, the Local Government Association conducts ongoing research which aims to report robust data and information on key elements of local government workforce.

We were pleased to be offered this opportunity to learn more about how councils use practitioners on the registers to support their own workforce.

The full results will be published towards the middle of the year.